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We bet you will find in three sizes that are specific to different markets. For Romania, see in European format (or decimal). To find the rates, such as 2.0, 3.15, etc.. Income is calculated based on the current bet amount multiplied by the odds. So if we take Score cast an example, where you place a bet of 10 euros at odds 20.0, you can earn 200 EURO.

I took as an example the Score cast market, because a large bet type that allows you to bet on the same game on the correct score and goal, the same betting ticket (it is very easy to combine with a first goal with the correct score - depending your skills to predict - and the result is the best possible odds). Score cast bets are on Game bookers, Party bets and bet365.

Combination bets are also possible. You can bet on more games on the same ticket, and the chances of each individual match will be multiplied to obtain the final profit opportunities. So, if you bet on a match, the probability 2.0 and another match at odds 3.0, on the same ticket, the odds final prices will be 2.0 x 3.0 = 6.0. Some agencies such as Game bookers and Party Bets offers a special offer called Hot Combo bets are extended by up to 30%.

Live bets are also part of online gaming. All agencies recommended offers live betting platform. This means that you sit with your laptop PC / when a match is played and you can bet on that game (who scored the next goal, who will win, etc..). Live betting will change dynamically depending on the game (to score the team and take leadership, etc. ..). Even agencies like bet365 Unbent and also provide live online streaming, which lets you see the game on the internet and bet on it in the same window.

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You must have basic knowledge about the game, the players, their past performances, their health issues etc. These things can help you to plan out your betting amounts. Remember, never to get over-excited as the game is in its climax. The game can anytime change its course. So with one sudden change in the course of the game, do not raise your bet money. Another sudden change in the course of the game might cause you to lose your whole money.

So always keep your senses intact while placing bets on live sports. You must take care of all these things before jumping in this pool of betting. By placing constant bets, you can win huge loads of money in live sports betting field. Though, it is risky yet it pays well if you play well.